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Top 10 Most Essential Supplies Every Vehicle Needs

Published on 07/29/20

Today we will be going over our Top 10 Most Essential Items Every Car Needs made by our transportation experts. Let’s begin.

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1). Extra Blankets – Something that you may not expect to see but are very important for every vehicle to have blankets. Blankets can be used to keep you warm in emergencies, protect valuables from scratches, as well as protecting leather interiors from scratches, and also works great for pets to lay on.

2). Power Bank Battery Charger – These can easily be found online for a pretty affordable price point and can help you in the middle of a bind. These allow for a quick and easy to a plug-in USB charger for your phone as well as a flashlight built-in that could also provide to be an essential item.

3). Battery Jumpbox – Ever walked out to your vehicle to find the car won’t start because you left a door slightly open overnight? Problem solved. These can also be found online for 30-50 dollars can jump your car battery within seconds allowing you to get right back on the road. Most of the battery jump boxes we have found online also can be charged inside the car for quick storage till next time.

Nylon Tow Strap with Nylon Tie Down Webbing  CanadaCargo

4). Tow Straps – If you are in an area that has lots of snow, rain, or dirt roads this is one of the most important things to make sure you have in your vehicle at all times. We strongly recommend using straps that are made from Nylon tie down webbing to help reduce the amount of stress on your vehicle preventing damage.

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5). Ratchet Straps – We might be slightly biased on this recommendation but if you are someone who is constantly on the move you could greatly benefit from this addition to your car’s essential list. Easily tie cargo down inside a van, pickup truck bed, or keep items bundled together to save space effectively. You can view our ratchet strap selection here

6). Tire Pressure Gauge – Another simple to use and easily found tool that can help you prevent long term damage to your vehicle. You should check your tire pressure before every long trip as well as every 2 to 3 weeks on average for most vehicles. If you notice a leak you will need to monitor your tire pressure carefully as it might need to be replaced.

Road flares for vehicle needs

7). Road Flares – Road flares can be one of the best ways to alert other motorists that your car has broken down and to avoid coming too close. These can be seen from a great distance at night and can often greatly reduce the chance of an automobile accident at night if your vehicle breaks down.

8). Change of Clothes – This is never a bad idea to have a quick change of clothes inside of your vehicle at all times. You never know when a spill, downpour, cold weather, or when a change of clothes could come in handy. We recommend at least one pair of clothes for any situation to be stored in your vehicle at all times to help provide peace of mind.

9). First Aid Kit – This may be one of the most important for the unexpected that can happen when traveling to your next adventure. You never know when a cut, scrape, sprain, burn, or infection could happen that requires immediate medical attention. You can find these kits to be very affordable and found at almost any physical store location near you and could help you greatly in a medical emergency situation for yourself or others.

Sunglasses for vehicles

10). Sunglasses – Equally as important as the rest of the list is sunglasses. You never know when the sun is going to be extremely bright in the middle of the day obstructing your vision on other motorists going down the road. Help prevent road accidents and potential headaches by wearing a pair of sunglasses if possible.