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Tie Down Strap Corner Protectors

Corner protectors can be known around the professional trucking and cargo securement industries as Strap Protectors, Tie Down Strap Protectors, Edge Guards, and its most commonly used name Corner Protectors.

Corner Protectors are placed along the edges of boxes, pallets, or sharp edges to help make your straps reduce friction that could cause burn marks or tears from the sharp edges against the polyester tie down webbing. Not using corner protectors over time could damage the strap causing it to need to be repaired or completely destroyed causing it to need to be replaced entirely.

Corner Protectors are a great investment for anyone who ships often and can be considered around the industry as one of the best long term investments for flatbed trailers. Corner Protectors can come in a large majority of different sizes and materials, we have narrowed down our online store to the most popular one size fits all applications to help our customers avoid confusion.