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2" x 16' Ratchet Strap with E-Track Fittings

Item# 23200092

Ratchet Break Strength — 4,400 lbs
Webbing Break Strength — 6,000 lbs
E Track Fitting Break Strength — 4,500 lbs
Assembly Working Load Limit — 1,466 lbs (666 kg)

Looking for the best way to protect your cargo inside a dry van trailer? E Track straps are the answer! These straps can quickly connect anywhere along your e track rails and tighten around your cargo.

E Track straps are color coded in the industry for quick identification of lengths. 12 ft straps are yellow, 16 ft straps are gray, and 20 ft straps are blue.

Fixed end length is 4 feet long.

$12.75 CAD