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Top 5 Most Essential Trucking Supplies for Truckers

Published on 07/17/20

Truck in the Canada Snow

When it comes to the professional trucking industry the size, shape, and weight of the cargo can vary with almost every load. However, one of the things that are common throughout the industry is some of the common ground essential supplies that make every trucking job easier by keeping these supplies in your truck. Let’s begin with our Top 5 Most Essential Trucking Supplies for Truckers.

1). Tie Down Straps – Tie Down Straps can greatly vary by the size or weight of the load but the one thing in common with all truck drivers is knowing your load and how to follow safety practices to secure it. Tie Down Straps come in 4 main common sizes of tie down webbing – 1 inch, 2 inches, 3 inches, and 4 inches being the heaviest duty tie-down straps as more polyester tie down webbing is being used.

Polyester Tie Down webbing is the most commonly used type of webbing because of the ability to stretch very little. Heavy Cargo being secured can fall out of place, fall off the trailer, or become damaged from stretching too far during transport. All of these situations are situations that truckers should avoid at all costs if possible by using webbing that is made for securing cargo. Towing Applications however tend to use tie-down webbing such as Nylon Webbing. Stretching during towing or recovering can actually reduce the stress or strain on vehicles or other heavy cargo reducing the chance that it becomes damaged during the recovery process. In this case, Nylon webbing would be the ideal tie down webbing.

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There are many different types of Hardware such as Ratchets, Hooks, Rings, Cam Buckles, E Track Fittings. These can be used for any light duty to extremely heavy duty securement applications depending on your cargo securement needs. The one thing that remains for all tie-down straps is you should always focus on having at minimum FOUR SECUREMENT POINTS. By using at least four different securement points you can greatly reduce the amount of stress of a single strap as well as preventing straps from breaking or fraying. Corner Protectors and Cordura sleeve can also be used on tie-down straps to greatly reduce the chance of straps becoming damaged or destroyed as well as your cargo.

No matter if you prefer Ratchet Straps, Cam Buckle Straps, Endless Loops, E Track Straps, or Recovery Tow Straps this is one of the most important essential trucking supplies for any professional truckers inventory.

2). Gloves – This is one of the more common supplies that will be found inside of most professional truck drivers semi-trucks as it is vital in the elements. No matter if you are needing grip in the rain, avoiding burns from the sun, or using gloves in the cold they are key elements for almost any situation. You can help protect against cuts, scrapes, or long term damage from the elements by keeping a set inside of your rig. Another perk of using gloves is not worrying about getting dirty oil or debris over your hands from messes or spills. We recommend a heavier duty glove that can protect against cuts on sharp edges for any new truck driver.

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3). Corner Protectors – This is one of the essential trucking supplies that may vary depending on the types of loads you are securing on your truck. Corner protectors can be placed along sharp edges, corners of the trailers, or boxes to help make your straps last longer as well as protecting your cargo. Corner Protectors are a great investment for anyone who is in the professional trucking industry or anyone who ships often for any dry van, flatbed, or reefer trailer.

4). Snacks – Something that may come across as something you may least expect to land on a top 5 most essential trucking supplies list but one that is often overlooked. When it comes to the trucking industry truckers continue to work long hard hours and getting the opportunity to pull over and grab a quick bite to eat may not always come easy. We recommend having several extra snacks laying around for the times you are stuck loading, unloading a trailer, stuck in bad weather conditions, or times that you may become hungry while on the road. We polled some of our trucking friends and determined some of the best snacks include Peanuts, Dried Fruit, Candy Bars, Chips, Yogurt, or easily ready meals such as sandwiches when it is possible.

5. Toolbox – Toolbox may be one of the most commonly used essentials for any professional or on the road trucker. Your toolbox should include tools such as a Hammer, Flashlight, Wrenches, Sockets, and other essentials you may need if your rig needs a quick repair. It’s better to have tools near if you are in a bind or can’t wait for a mechanic to check it out at a later point in time.