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Steel E-Track Load Bar 93"-103"

Item# 23000164

Steel E Track Load Lock Bar for 102” Trailers
Adjusts from 93 inches to 103 inches
1,500 lbs Breaking Strength distributed equally over the bar

Steel E Track Load Lock Bars are heavier in weight than our Aluminum E Track Bars but have a slightly lower weight capacity in trailers. Steel E Track Load Bars are made from 16 gauge steel tubing and are made to be strong and durable. Steel Load Lock Bars are great for when you are in the need of a lot of E Track Bars and you are looking for a cost-effective price point.

E Track rails are run along the walls and flooring of trailers making it extremely versatile on different securement angles to keep your cargo from load shifts. Load Shifts are caused when a sharp corner, braking, or sudden jolt can tip cargo over causing potential damage. Avoid the problem before it begins by using E Track Rails and E Track systems today!

$43.00 CAD